Sonic Paradigm is a 2D Sonic fan game made to bring the legendary classic Sonic gameplay of the early 90's straight to your browser! No installs, no downloads, just getting straight into the action! Seven zones are planned, each consisting of two acts. Three zones have been started, these being Green Hill (of course,) Aquatic Ruin, and Star Light. Sonic's moveset consists of all previous moves from the Genesis titles, the Super Peel-out from Sonic CD, and the Drop Dash from Sonic Mania (or was it the Sonic 3 Beta..?) Sonic also has a few new abilities tossed in there to make platforming more interesting; first is his jump cancel, which can also give him a slight elevation boost if timed properly. He also has the "Charge Dash," which uses rings to give Sonic a quick boost of speed while running

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On the title screen, press the spacebar to start the game.

During gameplay, pause the game by pressing the "P" key.


Title Screen: Press any key

Main Menu: Up/Down Arrow Keys to navigate, Left/Right Arrow Keys to select Zone, Z Key to select 


Arrow Keys - Move

Z - Jump, Spin Dash, Peel Out

X - Drop Dash

D midair - Jump Attack

F midair - Jump Cancel

D on ground - Run Cancel

F whilst rolling on the ground - Roll Cancel

C - InstaShield

Settings / Dev Controls:

L - Cycle to next stage

9 - Toggle dev tool (debug mode)

Sonic Paradigm Discord server:

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, 3D, Game engine, hedgehog, paradigm, Pixel Art, sega, sonic, the
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksTwitter, YouTube

Install instructions

Please note that this is not an independent executable file, it must be run in an internet browser or HTML5 displaying program. Chrome or another variation of Chromium is highly recommended.


Sonic Paradigm v6.html 154 MB
Sonic Paradigm v5.html 155 MB
Sonic Paradigm v4.html 142 MB
Sonic Paradigm v3.html 142 MB
Sonic Paradigm v2.1.html 98 MB
Sonic Paradigm v1.html 101 MB

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loading alert if it takes to long that means it crashed

i can't play


How do I press to start?

Takes so long to load.


this runs so Smoove i wish this was finished!

Deleted 344 days ago

Thanks! I'm not sure what you mean by "sources" that members could see, but behind-the-scenes content and updates are shared there, along with some of the assets being used in the game.

Thanks! I will check them out. Because I am Sligh curious of the Behind-the-scenes of the game!

And One thing: Are you going to implement Mobile Controls onto this game?

Mobile controls aren't very high priority right now, but they may be implemented at some point. I doubt any mobile devices would be able to run this game smoothly, though, due to memory usage.

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Oh, Okay. 

I had Checked the Discord Recently. I like it! Oh. And I saw your Discord Server name go from The Sonic Paradigm Server to Studio Grounder. I extremely like that Idea you had!

I wish you luck bringing this game onto Sage 2020. This looks magnificent!

the game isn't working

Care to elaborate? Everything functions fine on my end